Patient-Centered Healthcare NEMT with an Adaptive TNC

Enhance Care outcomes with a transportation network company providing specialty credentialed drivers.

Alpha medical transportation drivers are drug and alcohol tested and have a pass or pass equivalent credentials. It’s considered as a higher level of care for Non-Emergency medical transportation.

Programs are HIPAA compliant. Blending together the flexible efficiency of a TNC with the patient care benefits of considerate, reliable drivers prepared to lend a hand to patients from door to door. It’s a better patient experience delivering well-grounded transportation and care outcomes.

With AMT your community of health-providers, caregivers, and patients – receive a higher level of care. Drivers assist riders each step of the way to arrive comfortable, safely, and promptly to the point of care and back home again. Most importantly your care team is aware on what’s happening every step of the day.


Receive best of the services in a less cost compared to the usual non-emergency medical transportation programs.


99% on time patient arrivals without a delay. Our network of credentialed drivers are trained on ADA and HIPAA compliance.


Patient experience data delivered back for your care co-ordinate programs and analytics.

Patient experience data delivered back for your care co-ordinate programs and analytics.

A reconciling TNC helps you optimizer healthcare transportation and mobility of the patients. And it is particularly effective with ambulatory patients requiring more assistance and oversight than taxis and traditional TNC offer. Patients get the extra support they need at a comparably lower cost than legacy providers.

Door to Door patient assistance, real time -time ride monitoring and an emphasis on facilitating recurring rider/driver relationships. It’s a transportation modality focused on timelines, experience, and capable assistance to positively influence across care management, compliance, safety and patient outcomes.