Why an adaptive transportation network company?

Because helping communities enhance independent mobility matters

Because every individual regardless of what their physical status deserves to move freely and spontaneously to reach out to different services and work opportunities by combating social isolation.

Alpha Medical Transportation gives assistance to individuals, families, agencies, organizations, nonprofits, and communities for a safe, well-grounded, and affordable transportations no matter what their mobility needs are. We have blended our mobility services with the power of technology and drivers who will deliver the best service.

Let’s build smarter, more equitable transportation together.

For partners

Delight your riders with outstanding paratransit service

An efficient scalable TNC model built from the beginning specifically for paratransit.

Learn how Alpha Medical Transportation’s technology and team deliver exceptional paratransit performance.

For drivers

Earn good money by giving assistance to others

The drivers of Alpha Medical Transportation are equipped to help anyone with their assisted mobility needs, including the aged and the disabled

For riders

Schedule a ride with our expert drivers

Reach your preferred destination with private on Demand and prescheduled rides.

Our door to door and wheelchair accessible transportation is designed to safe, reliable and

Adaptive Mobility and Paratransit

Drive better operational efficiencies, riders’ experiences and cut costs at scale with scale with Alpha Medical Transportation adaptive, on demand mobility. Platform and extensive network of FTA compliant drivers.